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Recruite – Human Resources & Recruitment Elementor Template Kit

Recruite – Human Resources & Recruitment Elementor Template Kit


Recruite is an Elementor Template Kit designed for creating professional websites for your business using the Elementor Page Builder plugin in WordPress. This kit is optimized for use with the free Hello Elementor theme and can be used with most Elementor-compatible themes.


  • Templates for Home, About Us, Team, Services, Pricing, FAQs, Blog, Single Blog, 404, and Contact Us pages
  • Uses the ‘poppins’ and ‘Roboto’ fonts
  • Includes plugins such as ElementsKit Lite, Jeg Elementor Kit, Metform, and Header, Footer & Blocks Template

Templates Included

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Team
  • Services
  • Pricing
  • FAQs
  • Blog
  • Single Blog
  • 404
  • Contact Us

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