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PRO Elementor Benefits – PRO Vs Free

TL;DR: PRO Elementor enables all the pro features of Elementor for free, what’s more, you can access over 150+ free templates and 4,100+ premium templates and blocks.

Elementor is a popular WordPress plugin that lets you create beautiful and responsive websites with drag and drop. You can use it to design your pages, posts, headers, footers, popups, and more. Elementor has a free version and a paid version, called Elementor Pro. The main difference between Elementor and Elementor Pro is the number of features and templates they offer. PRO Elementor is a free WordPress plugin that enables all the pro features of Elementor under the GPL License. Now you can use PRO Elementor to unlock all pro features for free!

  • PRO Elementor has more than 60 additional widgets, including dedicated professional widgets and features, for every type of website. For example, you can use the Portfolio widget to showcase your best work, Review and Testimonial carousels to boost conversion, Posts widgets to display your blog posts, Countdown widgets to create urgency, Stripe and PayPal buttons to collect payment, and much more.
  • PRO Elementor also enables you to customize every part of your website, including its headers, footers, post templates, archive templates and other theme parts with the Theme Builder. You can use the Hello Theme, which is the fastest theme on WordPress, and design it any way you want with PRO Elementor. You can also use dynamic content to display custom fields, request parameters, and other dynamic data on your pages.
  • PRO Elementor also has native marketing features that help you collect leads and increase conversion. You can use the built-in form builder to create complex forms with advanced fields, integrations, actions, and submissions. You can also use the popup builder to design any type of popup, and set display conditions, triggers, and animations.
  • PRO Elementor also has more professionally designed templates and blocks that you can use to speed up your design process. You can access over 150+ free templates and 4,100+ premium templates and blocks for different niches and purposes. You can also import and export templates, and use them on multiple websites.

PRO Elementor is the best choice for you if you want to create a fully functioning website that engages visitors and boosts conversion. It gives you more features, widgets, templates, and integrations that you need to complete your website. Also, it gives you access to pro updates and premium support.

Elementor is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom pages and posts with drag and drop. PRO Elementor adds more features and templates. It’s the best option for you if you want to create a professional and high-performing website with Elementor. You can check out the full comparison list between PRO Elementor and Elementor Free below.

Features & WidgetsElementorElementor ProPRO Elementor
Template Library100+100+150+ free templates & 4,100+ premium templates
Export / Import Templates
Mobile Editing
Shape Divider
Video Lightbox
Box Shadow
Text Shadow
Background Overlay
Hover Animation
Entrance Animation
Text Editor
Image Box
Icon Box
Social Icons
Image Gallery
Image Carousel
Icon List
Progress Bar
Menu Anchor
Google Maps
Background Gradient Effect
Revision History
Blank Canvas Template
Maintenance Mode
Page Settings
Element Hover
Redo / Undo
Embed Anywhere
Global Widget
Custom CSS
Pro Templates
Price Table
Price List
WC Products
WC Elements
WC Categories
WC Add to Cart
Flip Box
Masonry Layout
Blog Pagination
Ken Burns Effect
Share Buttons
Form Integrations
Login Widget
Animated Headline
Facebook Widgets
Nav Menu
Media Carousel
Testimonial Carousel
Call to Action Widget
Custom Fonts
Header & footer builder
Dynamic single post & archive page design
ACF & Toolset integration
Scrolling Effects
Popup Builder